About the Sakura Dojo

The Sakura Dojo focuses on training individuals in the technical aspects of competitive judo, recreational judo and traditional Kodokan Judo. Although we are a small club, individuals benefit from highly individualized and personalized instruction.

The Sakura Dojo emphasizes a non-competitive environment for individuals to learn a fun and effective martial art.

The Sakura Dojo is a proud member of Judo Manitoba.

What the Sakura Dojo teaches

Instruction at the Sakura Dojo emphasizes the following techniques:
Nage Waza - Throwing Techniques
Katame Waza (Ne Waza) - Grappling Techniques

A typical class at the Sakura Dojo consists of:
Warm up/stretching - 15 minutes
Uchikomi/drills - 15 minutes
Technical Instruction (i.e. throws, grappling, submissions, chokes) - 60 minutes
Misc. (continued technical instruction, randori, self-defense, kata) - 30 minutes

What you can expect from your first couple classes:
After warm up, new students will work with an instructor or senior student to learn some judo fundamentals. By the 3rd class, most students can participate with the regular class.